3D Printing advantages

Let’s take a look at what main advantages of 3D printing for a business are.


Additive manufacturing is a great solution if you need to speed up your product development. The management of iterations will be better and more efficient. Time is money and money is precious in running a business and developing projects. You will be able to create your prototypes much faster. In fact, producing a prototype with 3D printing is simple: no need to create molds, just create a 3D model of your idea and print it. Instead of taking weeks or months, this process can take only a few days! This means that if you are not satisfied with the first piece, you can make new iterations by modifying the 3D model and printing a new version.

This production technology can help speed up the prototyping and production processes and save time.

3D printing is for everyone

3D printing has already changed the production process of various industries, such as dental and hearing aid, aerospace, civil and military aircraft, jewellery, etc. The more we work on 3D printing technology, the more we realise that there are few sectors that cannot benefit from 3D printing! Additive manufacturing is for everyone, all types of companies can implement 3D printing, the key is to identify the right application opportunities.

3D printing is for all sectors and can also be used by different roles within the same company. From research and development to marketing.

Cost efficiency

3D printing can produce different objects without having to create specific tools or even use multiple tools. In this way, 3D printing helps to increase the flexibility of the production flow and reduce industrial expenses. For the production of small quantities, additive manufacturing can be the perfect solution.

When using production techniques such as injection molding, the production of small quantities is not possible or can be cost prohibitive.

Design freedom

One of the greatest advantages of 3D printing is the freedom of design. You can recreate all your ideas and turn them into real objects. Even the most complex geometries can be printed. By using 3D printing, you are free from the restrictions imposed by traditional manufacturing.


Mass customization can benefit numerous sectors, from the medical field to the production of consumer goods. For example, additive manufacturing can be used to create customized prostheses or instruments in the medical sector. But it can also be used to create customized 3D-printed glasses. Using digital fabrication, it is easy to adapt a 3D design using 3D modelling software and print several iterations of the same product.

If you need mass customization, additive manufacturing will be the cheapest and most efficient way to create your products.

Greater flexibility

3D printing allows greater flexibility for your business. When you need a part, you can simply 3D print it. If you need to modify a part, you can also 3D print it.

There are online 3D printing services with which you can order the number of pieces you need, there is no minimum, from 1 to 10,000 pieces you only produce what you need.

A wide variety of technologies and materials

To choose the perfect technology and material, you need to identify your needs. Do you need to print a durable part, a flexible part, a heat-resistant part or a food-compatible part? There are several factors to take into account when choosing, but identifying exactly what you need will allow you to make the most of the benefits of 3D technologies.

There are many 3D printing technologies and materials available. From FDM to SLS and Binder Jetting, you are bound to find a technology suitable for your project.

Reducing waste

Additive manufacturing is a way to reduce waste. During the 3D printing process, the exact amount of material is used to create the desired object, without waste.

This is not the case with most traditional production techniques.

Improving the supply chain

Supply chain improvement is not often the first benefit that comes to mind when thinking about the advantages of 3D printing, but it should! In fact, this technique can become a huge advantage and help you rethink your supply chain and your entire strategy. 3D printing is a way to improve your warehousing system with a digital inventory. What does digital inventory mean?

This solution simply consists of creating your parts on demand using 3D printing. There is no need to store the parts, just print them when you need them. In fact, this cutting-edge technology is great for printing low volumes.